Name Denka Elastlution co.,Ltd.
Established 8-Aug-63
President Hideaki Nagasaka, President and Executive Officer
Address 306 Koyagi-machi, Takasaki-city, Gunma, 370-0071, Japan →Google Map
Area of the company site
23,800 m2
Building floor area 5,600 m2
TEL +81-27-362-7510
FAX +81-27-362-7561
Paid-in Capital 30 Million Yen
Sales 1,100 Million Yen
Business The manufacture, the processing and the sale of the rubber for the industry
Structure Production Div, Technical Development Div,Sales Div, Engineering Div, Management Div
Main Bank Gunma Bank., Ltd. / Mizuho Bank., Ltd.


Custom Compounding We are equipped with a full-scale system that accurately and timely response to diversifying needs of users in meeting their production requests for custom compounding.
Main facilities 20ℓ pressurized kneader - 1 set 75ℓ pressurized kneader - 9 sets 500ℓ open kneader - 1set 22inch Mixing Roll - 4 sets 18inch Mixing Roll - 3 sets 14inch Mixing Roll - 2 sets 10inch Mixing Roll - 2 sets Batch-off machinery (BOM) - 1 unit Auto ribbon type sheet packing mvc - 2 units Sheet pre-forming m/c (SPM) - 1 unit Compound cooling warehouse - 3 units Chiller unit - 1 unit Strainer Facility - 2 units


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