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Adhesive Butyl Rubber: Sealant Tapes ST
【For civil engineering and construction】
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・Reliable products
Produced through integrated factory production from kneading to extrusion and subject to strict process management and standard inspection, the products may be used without concern.

・Easy to install
These tape-shaped fixed form sealants are very easy for anyone to install and will help improve work efficiency.

・Complete water sealing capability
Their high adhesiveness and resilience mean that they will adhere to rubber sheets, concrete, steel, ductile irons and many other materials to provide complete water sealing performance.


・Adhesion of waterproof sheets for civil engineering and construction

・Water sealing for concrete joints on roads, bridges and other general civil engineering structures

Types and Shapes

Model Type Main ingredient Color Thickness Width
Sealant Tape ST-12 For civil engineering Butyl rubber Black 0.8 to 30 mm 10 to 300 mm
Sealant Tape ST-14 For civil engineering Butyl rubber Black 1 to 25 mm 15 to 70 mm
Sealant Tape STYB80E For building materials Butyl rubber Black 2mm 30mm
Sealant Tape ST-70A For building materials Solar Heat vulcanized rubber Black 0.8 to 2 mm 40 to 100 mm

※ We are able to supply them in any dimensions and shapes desired upon request.