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Compounding process
Reliable Blending Technologies and Refined Production Technologies

Boasting refined technologies and expertise in dealing with raw materials based on years of research and experience, Denka Elastlution untiringly works to create high-quality products featuring optimal performance.

We respond to fulfill the diverse needs of our customers. We propose the materials and forms that best satisfy the unique demands of our customers and fulfill their needs through a production system able to react to a broad spectrum requests regarding lot size and number of items.

Compound Products

Denka Elastlution is ready to sustain stable quality and meet the diverse needs of our customers through the use of high-efficiency Pressurized kneaders matched to the production needs of multiple items in small lots.

Denka Elastlution's characteristics

1)Manufacturing of materials with high oil content We produce soft compounds with oil content greater than 30% by weight. We produce these compounds with excellent carbon black dispersion.
2)「Fireshut®」 Thermal Expansion Composites We produce a wide array of thermally expandable rubber compounds that exhibit excellent fire resistance, capable of expanding to five to thirty times their volume when heated by fire to close openings and to prevent the intrusion of smoke and the spread of fire. They include vulcanized, non-vulcanized, adhesive and other rubber compounds.We are also capable of producing high-filling compounds with inorganic filler content greater than 70% by weight.
Equipment No. of units
Pressurized kneaders 75 liters 9
Open kneader 500 liters 1
Mixing rolls 22 inches 3
18 inches 3
16 inches 1
14 inches 1
10 inches 1
Equipment No. of units
Batch off machines (BOMs) 2
Sheet preforming machine (SPM) 1
Compound refrigeration warehouses 3
Strainer equipment 2

Press molded machines

・We possess 20 press molded machines. In coordination with metal mold manufacturers, we are capable of meeting the molding needs of our customers involving many different types of products.
・We have years of experience in forming products with strict dimensional accuracy requirements.
・We use a wide variety of molding materials, ranging from natural rubber to silicone rubber.
・We will have separate consultation with customers regarding the forms of press molded products.

Equipment No. of units
Automatic 200-ton vacuum press machines 3 units
Automatic 350-ton single-stage vacuum press machine 1 unit
Automatic quadruple 150-ton press machines 2 sets
Automatic twin 350-ton press machines 2 sets
Equipment No. of units
Manual 100-ton press machines 2 units
Manual 65-ton press machine 1 unit
Automatic 150-ton vacuum press machine 1 unit
Preformer 1 unit

Extrusion forming

We fulfill customer requests after selecting the extrusion machines that are best suited to the product from among several options available to us.

Equipment No. of units
60 mmΦ extrusion machine 1 set
65 mmΦ extrusion machine 1 set
Equipment No. of units
90 mmΦ extrusion machines 2 sets
100 mmΦ extrusion machine 1 set

Quality assurance

Our dedicated staff engage in quality control and assurance activities. Their efforts every day continuously improve the quality management system.

Equipment No. of units
Mooney viscometers 3 units
Curelastometers 2 units
Tensile test machines (500 kg and 2 tons) One each
Automatic hydrometers 3 units
Hardness gauges 2 units
50-ton electrothermal press machines for testing 2 units
100-ton automatic press machine for testing 1 unit
3-inch roll machines for testing 2 units
6- and 10-inch roll machines for testing One each
Geer aging ovens 5 units
Equipment No. of units
Pressurized kneaders for testing
(1 liter, 3 liters and 20 liters)
One each
Water seal testers 4 units
Electric furnaces for fire resistance testing at the highest temperature of 1000 °C
Capacity: 15 liters
(240 x 210 x 295 mm)
Capacity: 29 liters
(300 x 244 x 400 mm)
3 units

1 unit
Oxygen index tester 1 unit
Constant temperature and humidity tester 1 unit