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Custom Compounds
We are fully prepared to accurately and promptly respond to the increasingly diverse requests of customers.

We produce rubber compounds of almost every type, including mainly:● Chloroprene (CR) ● Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPDM) ● Nitrile rubber (NBR) ● Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) ● Natural rubber (NR) ● Silicone rubber (Q) ● Isobutylene-isoprene rubber (IIR)● Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber (CSM), and● Acrylic specialty elastomers (Denka ER).

We deliver them in the form our customers specify, such as flat plates, ribbons, blocks, etc.

In addition, we also produce high quality compounds using a strainer process.

Colored products and White and colored compounds are produced at separate plants to prevent foreign material contamination. We pay full attention to quality management as well.

In addition, our sheet preforming machine (SPM) enables automation and the reduction of labor.

Principal equipment used

For information about the principal equipment used in the Compounding Process, see the section about the production system.

Carbon masterbatch (CMB) Plant

Equipped with three pressurized kneaders, they create compounds with high dispersion properties.

Plant for white and colored compounds

The plant has five pressurized kneaders.
A dedicated plant produces white and colored compounds separately from the production of black compounds.

Silicone rubber plant

Silicone rubber is produced at a dedicated plant to prevent contamination with other types of rubber.

Strainer equipment

For applications that require strict foreign substance control, we include a strainer process in our compound production process.
With its offline strainer, the facility is able to satisfy the diverse needs of customers.
It removes foreign substances from rubber materials to ensure advanced quality control.